The Reversal

A doctor at Duke builds a website to investigate off-label and alternative treatments for A.L.S. But what happens when patients start bringing him potential cures that researchers have been missing all along?

Know Thyself

A little exercise is better than none at all, but, by many accounts, one unnecessary medical test is a step too far. My time as a human guinea pig. (Interview on Science Friday.)

Dept. of Critical Care

Norm McSwain was a hillbilly turned trauma surgeon. He argued against gun control and in favor of bleeding control. “Stopping hemorrhage is not fighting,” he told me. “It’s not political. It’s motherhood and apple pie.”

The Human Postmortem Microbiome

By studying the microscopic bacteria that blossom on our bodies after we die, scientists hope to unlock surprising mysteries of the departed.

The Crazy Caver’s Quest

An annotated guide to one caver’s subterranean quest for new antibiotic leads. Without basic exploration, there is no data—and there is little chance of new finding new drugs. (PDF)

The Tragedy of the Midnight Slider

Two years ago, a saboteur disappeared off the coast of Cape Breton. Three lobstermen confessed to his murder. Had he gotten what was coming to him, or was the real story something far more tragic?