The Psychobiotic Pioneers

After years of doubt and incredulity, it now seemed possible that microorganisms shaped our risk for developing psychiatric and neurological disorders. The question was how.

Rx for a drier world

A Dutch psychiatrist wants to help alcoholics go on drinking—drinking less. One patient told me, “Wow, I can do this like a normal person.”

Luckey’s Guess

In the late 1960s, a scientist named T.D. Luckey made a claim: Microbial cells, he said, outnumbered human cells ten-to-one. This is the story about how Luckey’s guess established itself as microbiology’s oft-quoted fact.

Survivor No. 3

A day after swimming in an Arkansas water park, Kali Harding was diagnosed with a brain-eating amoeba that kills 99% of the people infects. This is the story of how she survived.

The Mudlick Run

Thousands of large farms could be exempt from the Clean Water Act if a recent decision from West Virginia is upheld. Here is the story of Alt v. EPA and the chicken farmer at the center of this legal fight.

A New Kind of Transplant Bank

“They invented the Internet across the street and here we are just putting poop in a blender.” A visit to the nation’s first open-access stool bank. (See also.)